Pedestrian Traffic in the French Quarter
2017 Building Community Exhibition - October 26-27th 2017 IDS Center Crystal Court

Workshops and Presentations

  • Generating Traffic in your District
  • Making your Downtown More Pedestrian Friendly
  • Shaping Traffic in your District
  • Instructing Store Owners How to Enhance their Storefronts to Attract More Foot Traffic
  • Helping Owners Analyze Sources of Their Traffic and Learn How to Capture it Better

Click here for samples of walking connections maps in small and large business districts


Store visibility analysis: Traffic volumes, sight lines, adjacent stores, visual imagery and foot traffic speeds are examined.

Pedestrian friendliness audit: examines pedestrian comfort and safety. click here for more info

Traffic intercept study: Determine purposes of pedestrian trips, demographics, parking and transit use.

Baseline traffic study: volumes collected, data analyzed and findings presented in written report

Event traffic study: typically designed to demonstrate positive impacts of events, public art, side walk closings, weather and new buildings. Includes recommendations for maximizing event traffic impact on retail sales. click here for more info

Development impacts traffic study: assess impacts attributed to new buildings, building uses and transportation developments and changes.


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