Pedestrian Traffic in the French Quarter
2017 Building Community Exhibition - October 26-27th 2017 IDS Center Crystal Court

Transit Station Traffic Update Studies

Rail and Bus Transit Interchange Baseline Traffic Update for Hennepin County MN in 2013

At  the Target Field Station transit interchange on the edge of the Minneapolis downtown Entertainment District and the Minnesota Twins professional baseball park, heavy and light rail commuter traffic, bike traffic, sidewalk traffic, car traffic and bus users all converge.    This interchange will be the center of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul rail transit system as it develops.  A new LRT route between Minneapolis and Saint Paul will open in summer 2014 and serve this station.

Baseline sidewalk and LRT platform user counts have been conducted for the County Rail Authority over many years by Pedestrian Studies. The long term study of transportation development impacts has allowed for a documentation of traffic impacts from the emerging transportation modes, renovation of an office building, and development of new housing within walking distance.   To date, the studies have been controlled to avoid impacts of ballpark event traffic, and focus only on the weekday downtown commuter traffic and daily/Saturday neighborhood resident traffic dynamics.

Construction of a public plaza next to the interchange and the addition of the Green Line LRT route will present new conditions for studying baseline traffic.

Analyzing Sources of Sidewalk Congestion/Store Visibility at Bus Stops

Pedestrian Studies, working for retail owners, determined volumes of sidewalk and bus stop user traffic at major bus stops and LRT stations in the downtown Minneapolis retail area.  Quantifiable measures of sidewalk congestion were developed.  For one large retail building owner with a busy adjacent bus stop, sidewalk congestion contributed by each of the major transit routes serving the stop was documented.  Some routes were moved from the bus stop allowing for a more clear and friendly sidewalk next to the building and a more attractive street front retail zone at this major retail corner.  

Another large retail building contracted Pedestrian Studies to count the people waiting at a new bus stop bordering the busy retail atrium.  The numbers were shown to managers of stores in the building atrium to encourage them to cater to the bus stop users.  The shopper behavior affected by new real time bus arrival signs was studied.  

Bus stop user counts and walking patterns related to a large bus stop were studied for an adjacent building owner who had concerns about bus stop users congesting the building hallway adjacent to the stop.    

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