Pedestrian Traffic in the French Quarter
2017 Building Community Exhibition - October 26-27th 2017 IDS Center Crystal Court

Analyzing Congestion Impacts at Building Interior Security Checkpoints

Public and Private Buildings, 2012-2014

Consulting  various building managements on  preparations for anticipated congestion in building lobbies caused by planned installations of security checkpoint hardware at elevator lobbies, Pedestrian Studies measured traffic volumes and line lengths at lobby elevators. Traffic volumes under new security procedures were projected for various options of physical consolidation of public service counters In a large government center.

Planned Installation of security checkpoint hardware and procedures in a large office building in downtown Minneapolis caused the building management to ask for pre-installation measurements of traffic flow during high traffic periods at start of work day and at end of lunch periods. Opportunities for improvement were identified.  Staggering arrival times at work hour and after lunch, designating floors for each elevator cab, and experimenting with security procedures are options.  A measurement of post-installation traffic volumes in peak periods would provide further guidance for security procedures.

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