Pedestrian Traffic in the French Quarter
2017 Building Community Exhibition - October 26-27th 2017 IDS Center Crystal Court

Retail Site Location Studies

Site Location Studies for national and regional retailers including Rite Aid Drug, Walgreen’s, Caribou Coffee, and Dunn Bros. Coffee continue to be conducted in Minnesota, Florida, and California.     

Customized studies of building lobby traffic and security checkpoint traffic (for congestion measures and congestion avoidance in office buildings) have also been conducted.

24th Annual Downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul Pedestrian Count Projects for Retail Owners
Annual pedestrian counts have been conducted since 1991 for sponsoring building owners, leasing agents, and retail companies considering locating stores in the downtowns.  The media typically reports on the results of the traffic study.  In 2013, Minneapolis downtown traffic volumes rose 11 percent from their historical average, and Saint Paul downtown traffic volumes increased an average of 44 percent from the levels recorded in the prior 5 years.

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