Pedestrian Traffic in the French Quarter
2017 Building Community Exhibition - October 26-27th 2017 IDS Center Crystal Court

Media Coverage

Despite Concern about Skyway, their Downtown Web Is Growing
Minneapolis Star Tribune Eric Roper November 13, 2016

Walking the Walk / How Do You Get A Minnesotan to Cross the Road
Observations on How to Attract More Shopper Foot Traffic
Mpls. - St. Paul Magazine
Allison Kaplan, Shop & Style Column August 2016 Issue

Pedestrian Expert Walks the Walk
Observations on What Helps Stores Attract More Customers
Franchise Times - News and Information Source for Franchising
By Tom Kaiser, Associate Editor May 2016

Light Rail Is Getting People on Their Feet
How the New Green Line LRT Is Increasing Sidewalk Traffic Downtown
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Tim Harlow September 21, 2014

People Were Discovering St. Paul for the First Time
Peter Tells Why Peanuts, Mary Tyler Moore Statues Matter To Pedestrian Traffic
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal - Nick Halter November 20, 2015

Counting Footsteps in the Air
Findings of the Annual Downtown Minneapolis Pedestrian Count
Finance & Commerce newspaper - Scott Carlson February 23, 2011

Evaluating Store Spaces
Minnesota Shopping Center Association Newsletter
Guest Column by Peter Bruce November 2010

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