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Peter Bruce
Pedestrian Traffic in the French Quarter
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About Pedestrian Studies

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Pedestrian Studies was founded by pedestrian traffic expert Peter Bruce in 1988. Since then, Bruce has led more than 50 downtown pedestrian counts, traffic projection studies, shopper intercept studies, traffic-shaping projects and retail recruitment campaigns.

Pedestrian Studies typical clients include property owners, property management firms, business owners, business districts, corporations and government agencies.

Downtown counts and studies
As a national firm, Pedestrian Studies has successfully completed downtown projects in dozens of cities, including:

Consulting assignments
Pedestrian traffic shaping is especially important for retail districts, shopping malls (indoor and outdoor), and central business districts. For our clients in these sectors, we’ve:
   - Measured traffic volumes over time, up to two decades on some projects.
   - Examined impacts of events, public art, sidewalks, weather and new buildings.
   - Analyzed and determined shopper characteristics
   - Shaped shopper traffic patterns (pathway identities)
   - Attracted more foot traffic to specific locations
   - Designed retail recruitment brochures.

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